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[IMG]go sox.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:43 26K 
[IMG]tom and april are vampires.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 63K 
[IMG]possibly my scariest portrait yet.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 53K 
[IMG]ben april tom dance.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 51K 
[IMG]megan meredith grins.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 63K 
[IMG]jen is adorable.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 53K 
[IMG]sean discovers the joy of scrubbing.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 70K 
[IMG]russ and tom talking.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 52K 
[IMG]jamie and russ make queer faces.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 61K 
[IMG]distinguished sean sipping wine.jpg08-Oct-2003 11:44 56K 

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